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St. Michael School Tradition Hall Phase III

A Legacy of Alumni, Faculty, Family and Friends

Join the students, alumni, families, and friends supporting St. Michael School on St. Michael School Tradition Hall! It is a great way to preserve your child’s achievements at St. Michael School for years to come. You can purchase a tile for your family, child, company, sports team, or even a graduating class. You can donate a tile as a gift or in memory of a special person. You can have a personalized 9.5” x 4” tile placed permanently in the hall of the elementary building for a donation of $125. You can even combine 2 or more 9.5” x 4” tiles to form larger tiles. There is only space for 240 new tiles, so don’t waste time. Download and fill out the form and send it in to St. Michaell School.

Tradition Hall Form