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St. Michael School is known for the rich tradition of academic excellence in a faith-filled environment. The faculty and staff strive to provide students with a challenging and loving classroom atmosphere by adhering to diocesan and state requirements and guidelines and modeling for students as Jesus taught us to live, love and serve for another. 

We believe in providing our students with an excellent academic education using the latest and best research-based instructional practices, in preparing our students to assume responsible roles in an ever increasingly globally interdependent society and in using very teachable moments to model, guide and instruct students while striving to provide for individual differences and needs.

Second only to religious formation, student achievement is a priority at St. Michael School. The ability to provide research-based curriculum and instructional methods that strive to facilitate achievement for all students is clear and measurable through the development and implementation of clearly defined expectations. Student achievement is tracked yearly through the use of the following: ACT results, weekly lesson plans, weekly test grades, Louisiana standards and Grade Level Expectations, curriculum and grade level objectives, scope and sequence guide, textbooks, writing portfolios, and administrative observations and monitoring the implementation of the curriculum.

St. Michael School serves children in Pre-Kindergarten 3 through Eighth grade. From the earliest grades, children study art, music, technology, physical education and religion, in addition to our core curriculum of language arts, math, social studies and science. The school promotes active involvement of students in the learning process, including opportunities for them to explore applications of higher-order thinking skills and investigate new approaches to applying their learning through clearly articulated objectives based on curriculum guides.

Extra-curricular opportunities are available to students through clubs, sports and the arts. Community service is emphasized at all grade levels, and provides unique learning experiences.