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Advisory Council

Kyle Richey, Chairperson
Sarah Prevost, Vice Chairperson
Justin Lee
Leah Viator 
Nicole Dore
Katelin Stelly
Doug Keaton
Ex-Officio (non-voting) Members 
Fr. Mikel Polson, Pastor
Terri Hebert, Principal
Holly Broussard, Development Director
Christine Fulton, Financial Advisor
Michael J. Stefanski, Legal Advisor

The Church Parish of St. Michael the Archangel shall have six (6) members on the Advisory Board. Any lay person over the age of twenty-one (21) years, with children currently enrolled at St. Michael School may be selected to serve on the Advisory Board. Advisory Council members will serve 3-year terms. The selection of Advisory Council members shall be according to a method chosen by the Pastor of St. Michael Church, in consultation with the Principal of St. Michael School. 

There shall be three (3) non-voting, advisory positions on the Advisory Council. One (1st) shall be the position of the Legal Advisor; the second (2nd) shall be the position of the Financial/Accounting Advisor; and third (3rd), the Vice Principal/Curriculum Coordinator will be a non-voting member on the council. The Legal Advisor and Financial Accounting Advisor will be filled by appointment by the Pastor.

The Development Director of St. Michael School will serve as Ex-Officio (non-voting) member of the Advisory Council. The Pastor or the Chancellor, by virtue of his office, has the right and duty to accept or veto any act or recommendation of the Advisory Council which he determines not to be in the best interest of St. Michael Church or the Parish School. The Principal of St. Michael School serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Advisory Council. 

The meetings of the Advisory Council shall be held every month of the calendar year with the exception of July.  The pastor and principal may cancel a meeting for good causes. Any matter outside of the regular agenda requiring action by the Advisory Council must be placed on the agenda at least one week prior to the meeting.