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Faith Life

St. Michael School has existed since 1900, providing a strong Catholic education steeped in the teachings of faith and morals, inspiring students to live as Jesus commanded. Each student is viewed as truly unique and special, and is encouraged to live up to his or her potential. St. Michael School strives to provide an environment that affords a quality education, enhancing each student's spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, and aesthetic development. The school provides religious and spiritual experiences that enhance the religious formation of our students inside and outside of the classroom. The mission of St. Michael Catholic School is to develop growth in faith, scholarship, and leadership and to build a faith community through worship and service, and to guide students to live their lives in accordance with the teachings of our Catholic faith. 




These are some of the faith events held throughout the year:

Weekly Liturgy

Pray Services

Class Masses

Living Rosary

Living Nativity

Living Way of the Cross 

Faith Rally


Below are some faith Web sites and downloadable information for you to enjoy: