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St. Michael Library

The St. Michael School Library serves all students on our campus.  Each class is scheduled to visit the library once a week or once every other week for middle school.  Students may use the library at any given time, with their teacher’s permission, to check-out, return, or renew library books. The St. Michael Library houses over 12,000 fiction, nonfiction, and picture books.  The reference section is complete with print sets of encyclopedias and class sets of dictionaries, thesauri, atlases, and yearly almanacs.  We also subscribe to several popular elementary and middle-school appropriate magazines, as well as local newspapers.  There are student computers available for research access to World Book Online, as well as general word processing, etc.  Our library is fully automated, allowing students to search for books using our online card catalog.  With our AR program, students may subscribe to Renaissance Learning Enterprise, which gives them access to all AR quizzes whether or not the library owns the book.