School Life

Saints Parent Club

St. Michael School Saints Parent Club Mission Statement:

The St. Michael School SPC is an organization whose main purpose is to strengthen, enhance and encourage the educational, financial and social environment of St. Michael School. Its goal is to support the school through our teachers and administration in a social and financial sense as they promote the best educational, moral, intellectual, and physical programs of the system.

The St. Michael SPC encourages volunteerism of our St. Michael parents, grandparents, teachers and administration.

The SPC members are comprised of all family and staff members who are associated with St. Michael School.

The SPC Board is comprised of SPC members who are either elected or appointed to the Board positions. The Board positions, along with other committee chairmen, manage the organizational and financial aspects of all SPC functions. The Board meets with all members twice a year.  The Board is always open for suggestions.  

The SPC operates an annual budget that is a part of the overall school budget and is derived from SPC membership dues and fundraisers. The money is used to sponsor SPC activities and the school needs throughout the year as recommended by the SPC and decided upon by the Principal in consultation with the Pastor.