Telling God's Story... Through Our Lives!


St. Michael Catholic School

Telling Gods Story Through Our Lives!

A Mission of Faith, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service for 118 Years

St. Michael Schools theme for the 119th year is Telling Gods Story Through Our Lives!” The school is focused on love, understanding, compassion and forgiveness, guiding young students to find Jesus in the ordinariness of school life. St. Michael School is committed, as Catholic educators, to help lead our students to a bright future of being faith-filled people.

St. Michael has adopted two new textbook series for the 2018-2019 school year.  Discovery Education’s Science Tech-book series will be used in grades 3rd through 8th. This breakthrough digital science tech-book series will change the way our students and teachers experience real-world science phenomena, hopefully boosting achievement and igniting interest in the exploration of cross-cutting science concepts. The program offers a one-stop digital tech-book providing a mixture of resources including STEM projects, interactive tools, and hands-on-labs, all helping to bring science to life, transforming the classroom into rich ecosystems that open students’ minds and inspire them to learn. Discovery Education STEM Connect will be used in grades Kindergarten through 2nd as an interdisciplinary resource that enhances the curriculum. It will guide the students in developing and applying knowledge and skills to important real world challenges as it helps them build real possibilities for their future. Discovery Science is designed to bring the solution seeker out in all learners.

The school has also adopted Sadlier Math in grades Kindergarten through 8th grade. This new series is designed to develop mathematically proficient students for life and offers a comprehensive math program, which provides instruction that reflects the keystones of mathematical learning. This new program will help to foster the students’ conceptual understanding and skill development as it strengthens the students’ understanding and development, promoting learning with abundant real-world problem solving and applications related to STEM. 

St. Michael School is blessed to have an experienced and dedicated faculty and staff. All of our teachers are certified professionals; many hold advanced degrees, including masters and multiple certifications. The schools faculty participates in ongoing professional development each year, attending classes and conferences steeped in the latest educational programs. We are proud that twelve of our current faculty and staff members are St. Michael School alumni.

Starting with the 2018 2019 school year, St. Michael School will offer an extended day after school program, After the Bell, that will operate as a service to the families who have students enrolled in our school. The staff will strive to provide an environment designed to foster self-esteem and develop an appreciation for the dignity of each person. After the Bell will offer parents a safe, familiar, and loving alternative environment during after school hours. The program will include time for students to complete and receive assistance with homework, provide developmentally appropriate recreational opportunities, and provide social interaction opportunities. 

St. Michael School 2018-2019 Administrators, Homeroom Teachers, Enrichment Teachers and Staff. Some teachers teach in more than one grade; however, they are listed by homeroom assignments.

Pastor: Father Mikel Polson

Principal: Sandi Dore

Assistant Principal: Leonor Gonzalez

Religion Administrator: Penny Habetz

Pre-Kindergarten: Jessica Hebert and Sharon Thomas

Pre-Kindergarten Assistants: Millie Monceaux, Rhonda Hebert, and Debbie Dore

Kindergarten: Tammy Trahan and Heidi LeLeux

Kindergarten Assistants: Stephanie Vice and Roxanne Zaunbrecher

First Grade: Caroline Berry and Ellen Fussell

Second Grade: Sarah Mallory and Christine Privat

Third Grade: Dawn Guidry and Brooklyn Lowry

Fourth Grade: Courtney Elkins and Meghan Guidry

Fifth Grade: Sandy Whiting and Tina Reaux

Sixth Grade: Patti Guidry and William Premeaux

Seventh Grade: Jean Dugas and Alicia Francis

Eighth Grade: Cathy Hundley and Emilie Broussard

Jr. High Science & Technology: Tim Miguez

Physical Education: Alicia Francis and Belinda Morse

Art Enrichment: Kelly Thompson

Spanish Education: Leonor Gonzalez

Music Enrichment/Choir: Angie Goff

Technology Coordinator & Teacher: Erin Walton

Librarian: Jeanne Nickel

Development Director: Holly Broussard

Athletic Director: Erik Lee

Administrative Secretary/Registrar: Jill Doga

Bookkeeper: Donna Venable

Office Staff: Cindy Haynes

Facility Manager: Bob Smith

Custodians: Betty Daigle and Joy Foreman

Cafeteria Manager: Sharon Stewart



Tuesday, August 7th: Saints Back to School Supply Night - Parents & Students are invited to meet their teacher, visit with friends and drop off school supplies from 4:00-5:30 p.m.

Thursday, August 9th: 1st Day of School 7:50 to 11:30 Kindergarten Girls, 1st-6th grade and 8th grade report to school. (No School for PreK, Kindergarten Boys and 7th grade)

Friday, August 10th: 2nd Day of School 7:50 to 11:30 Kindergarten Boys, 1st-7th grade report to school. (No School for PreK, Kindergarten Girls and 8th grade)

Monday, August 13th: Regular School Day 7:50 to 3:05 PreK Boys report to school with K-8th. (No School for PreK Girls)

Tuesday, August 14th: Regular School Day 7:50 to 3:05 PreK Girls report to school with K-8th. (No School for PreK Boys)

Wednesday, August 15th: Regular School Day 7:50 to 3:05 All Students PreK-8th grade.

Wednesday, August 15th: School Mass at 8:40 a.m. in the Gym– Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Tuesday, August 21nd: Back To School Mass at 8:40 a.m. in the Gym

Tuesday, August 21nd: Saints Parent Night: Back To School 2018 at 5:30 p.m. in the Gym Parents are invited to learn about the school year, go to their childs classroom, and meet with the teachers.

Please visit our Web site at www.stmike.net for more information on St. Michael School or call the school at 783-1410 to schedule a personal tour.