Making Futures Bright Through Faith!


St. Michael School – Making Futures Bright Through Faith!

A Mission of Faith, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service for 117 Years

            Since the school’s beginning with the Sisters of the Most Holy Sacrament in 1900, St. Michael School has focused on the great love and mercy of God. Students have been led and taught to find Jesus in the ordinariness of life. As one enters the grounds of St. Michael School, there seems to be an overwhelming and holy presence of God that cannot be denied. As Catholic educators, the School continues its commitment in helping to lead their students to a bright future filled with faith, scholarship, leadership and service. 

            While great efforts have made through the years to model and teach the faith, sharing the faith has recently taken on a whole new twist. For the past several years, the students, faculty and staff of St. Michael School present an annual “Faith Rally” during Catholic Schools Week. The rally is held in conjunction with the celebration of Grandparents Day and the whole community is invited. It is a production put on by the entire school, which celebrates the Catholic faith through song, dance and cheer. “It’s like a huge pep rally that is celebrated with great passion, excitement and love for Jesus,” said Mrs. Penny Habetz, religion administrator of the school. Each grade, from Pre-k through 8th, sing and dance to a song that shares a special faith-related message. Students in the 8th grade take the lead for the rally as they open and close the show with their performances. The opening song sets the tone for the rest of the rally with a faith-filled message. The faculty and staff join in the fun as they perform a number each year. The Faith Rally always ends with the entire school and audience singing and swaying to “I Send You Out”, a John Angotti classic.

It was the school’s faith-based mission and the introduction of world renowned missionary, John Angotti, and his music that inspired the school to create the very first Faith Rally over 14 years ago. The music, dancing, and the students’ ability to give witness and inspire their friends and families through their faith are truly a gift to all. It is something that you just have to experience in person to fully understand the spiritual gain that it brings.  

            Following the Faith Rally, Grandparents are treated to a reception and visit their grandchildren’s classrooms to meet their teachers and friends. There, each student presents a special gift to his or her grandparent. At the end of it all, and for the next several weeks, people everywhere are talking about the St. Michael School Faith Rally; now that's evangelization!  The students and faculty are already planning and looking forward to the 2018 celebration of faith and how it will brighten the lives of their friends, families, and community!