Saints Alumni

St. Michael School alumni are an important part of our school community, and we welcome your news, visits to the school, and your support for the school. Please contact us if you would like to receive our monthly email newsletter, Aspirations, and you can continue to be a part of St. Michael School.

Holly J. Broussard, Development Director, by email: or call (337)783-1410

St. Michael Alma Mater

Here as the evening falls- softly our voices- rise in a melody- each heart rejoicing. 

Yet with the eventide-falls too a memory- blessed with the thought of years- burning so tenderly-

Here in the heart of me- whispers a song to thee-

God bless St. Michael- God keep St. Michael!

Quietly the shade of night- folds all the day to sleep- enfolds the heart of me-all of thy love to keep-

Others in years to come- when on we’ve wandered- will bless thee for thy care- and graces tendered-

Yet we’ll in spirit there- in spirit breathe a prayer-

God bless St. Michael- God keep St. Michael!

I’m A Student of St. Michael

I’m a student of St. Michael.

Proud to tell the world it’s so.

As a student of St. Michael,

I’ll support my school wherever I go.

No, I’ll never prove disloyal. 

I will strive with all my might.

I’m a student of St. Michael,

And I know I’ve chosen right, right, right!

I’m a student of St. Michael,

and I know I’ve chosen right!