Applying to St. Michael Catholic School

NEW Students Entering Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Grades 1-8

All new pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students must pay the registration fee in full and present their birth certificate, baptismal certificate, social security number, and a copy of an updated immunization card (copy to be retained in school office) before registration is official and a priority number and letter are assigned.

All new students in grades 1-8 need to present their birth certificate, social security card and immunization record. Catholic students who have made their First Communion must bring in confirmation of the date and place of First Communion. A priority letter and number will be assigned to the new students entering in grades 1-8; however, the registration fee is not due at this time. The principal will review the student’s academic records, school records, and meet with the new student and his/her family before a decision for acceptance is made.

Please contact us at (337) 783-1410 for an application packet or to set up a campus visit.