Faculty & Staff 

St. Michael School is blessed to have an experienced and dedicated faculty and staff. All of our teachers are certified professionals; many hold advanced degrees, masters, and multiple certifications. The school’s faculty participates in ongoing professional development each year, attending classes and conferences steeped in the latest educational programs. Twelve of our faculty and staff members are St. Michael School alumni.

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Father Mikel Polson, Pastor
Leonor Gonzalez, Interim Principal and Discipline Administrator
Penny Habetz, Religion Administrator


Tammy Trahan, Academic Support Director
Holly Broussard, Development Director
Jeanne Nickel, Librarian
Erin Walton, Technology Coordinator and Technology Teacher
Erik Lee, Athletic Director
Donna Venable, Bookkeeper and Tuition Accounts
Aimee Gaspard, Administrative Secretary
Yvette Hoffpauir, Receptionist
Cindy Sonnier, Office Staff


Jessica Hebert, Pre-Kindergarten
Sharon Thomas, Pre-Kindergarten
Rhonda Hebert, Pre-Kindergarten Aide
Donna Landry, Pre-Kindergarten Aide 
Jessica Guillot, Kindergarten
Heidi Leleux, Kindergarten
Stephanie Vice, Kindergarten Aide
Roxanne Zaunbrecher, Kindergarten Aide
Caroline Berry, 1st Grade
Ellen Fussell, 1st Grade

Elise Leonards, 2nd Grade
Sarah Mallory, 2nd Grade
Dawn Guidry, 3rd Grade
Allison Gary, 3rd Grade
Amy Leblanc, 3rd Grade Academic Support Assistant
Liz Holloway, 4th Grade
Harley Bellard, 4th Grade
Christine Leleux, 5th Grade 
Sandy Whiting, 5th Grade
Dale Serie, 6th, 7th and 8th Grade
Patti Guidry, 6th  Grade
Zach Duhon, 6th Grade
Pam Kirsch, 8th Grade Math
Cathy Hundley, 7th and 8th Grade
Jean Dugas, 7th and 8th Grade
Ashley LeJeune, 6th, 7th and 8th Grade Science


Tim Miguez, STEM/Maker Space Lab
Alicia Francis, Physical Education
Belinda Morse, Physical Education

Tina Reaux, Music Enrichment


Pam Kirsh, Director


Bob Smith, Facility Manager
Betty Daigle, Custodian
Joy Foreman, Custodian


Sharon Steward, Cafeteria Manager